“Objects Wihout Meaning”

For Xero-Fest 2 at ArtDept, Goods Dept, Pacific Place.


Artwarding Night Mural

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Gooodit x Jimi x Azer x Lala x Motulz
A collaboration mural on 30 m wall for Artwarding Night, 22 Aug 2015 at Gudang Sarinah, Pancoran.

INKXIETY: An Act of Release Through Drawing

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Drawing is cheaper than a psychologist.

Inkxiety is an act of drawing with black ink on paper also an act of release anxiety. It’s healthy for your soul because it’s drawing from it. The result of inkxiety is like a real mind map of your brain and from there you can start making anything you want.

Learn how to pouring emotion to something you can see, how to pick up inspiration from what’s already there, how to use ink on paper, and how to gain bravery and fearlessness to express imagination on paper.

A mini class program presented by

Sunday, 23th August 2015
at Conclave

Photo: Wendy Pratama

MARTELL Contemporary Art Exhibition


You are cordially invited to

MARTELL Contemporary Art Exhibition
In association with Edwin’s Gallery

Art Exhibition

Featuring :

Awan P. Simatupang
Dolorosa Sinaga
Ichwan Noor
Jumaldi Alfi
Kandura Keramik
Leonardiansyah Allenda
Lie Fhung
Marishka Soekarna
Emte (Muhammad Taufiq)
Narpati Awangga a.k.a Oomleo
Reza ‘asung’ Afisina
Saleh Husein
Stephany Yaya Sungkharisma
Terra Bajraghosa
The Secret Agents (Indra Ameng & Keke Tumbuan)
Wisnu Auri
Ykha Amelz
Yuki Agriardi
Lala Bohang

Curated by Mia Maria
Co-curated by Riksa Afiaty

Host : Sabrina Joseph | Richard Muljadi

Venue : Edwin’s Gallery
Kemang Raya no.21, Kemang Jakarta 12730

11 March 2015
06.30 PM onward

Dress code : Fabulous Glam

Illustration for Bracodemag

DESKTOP BACKGROUNDFeminism in a honest and fun way. Well, it supposed to be that way from the beginning. This is an illustration I made for their soft launching at Post Santa 29-30 November last year.

Time Machine

Time Machine by Lala
Luxury object from today
is just unworthy object
when it go through far to the past
A bag is just a bag, a watch is just a watch
There’s no pride or social status in it
Only function

The Closer You Get The Lesser Secret They Tell


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I’m trying to get myself to my daily drawing routine against all the empty hustle and bustle of daily life. Wish my hands a great luck.