The Dancing Animal

The Dancing Animal hidup kembali!

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Mari bermain kembali di rumah The Dancing Animal yang baru saja selesai dibersihkan dari debu super tebal dan sarang laba-laba di sana sini. Yuk kita bersilahturahmi kembali, sharing kegilaan, obrolan maha tidak penting dan ragam cerita kecil sehari-hari dalam bentuk gambar.

Scream Art Loud | seriously a fun art event

Me, Dmaz Brodjonegoro, Emte and Eric Wirjanata will exhibit our drawings for The Dancing Animal
Let’s meet up there. We’ll show up after luncheon time 🙂

random hell.o

A drawing for our stripes theme here
Lemi the space wanderer is our new theme for April. Take a look 🙂

Just a question. What is your deepest fear?
Are you telling your VIPs about them?

life always been good

Sometimes its hard, your fault.

Participate on our BITE THEME
Anything bite … draw it

just wake up and draw this

It’s 1st anniversary of Love Artually exhibiton
Too bad … no exhibition for this year Lovers month. Next year maybe.

Post your love drawing to our fabulous illustration blog!

Have a nice Sunday(to)Monday night people 🙂

The Dancing Animal art card for Xmas!

20 designs from 7 artists

Now Available at:
Citywalk Sudirman GF Lobby
13-29 Desember 2009
10 PM – 8 AM

*Soon … you can grab them at the nearest bookstore 😀

More info :

Lala Bohang x The Dancing Animal : Xmas art card

3 illustrated Xmas art card from me!
Specially made for The Dancing Animal Xmas art card
Collaborated with 7 artists

More update here


5 years from now

umbrella copyI will sit in my very own studio drawing (of course) and making short tutu skirt. That day I live my life not by working routine anymore, just with the dearest and nearest

If you want to share your life 5 years from now, submit your illustration based on our October theme. Simply click on our great illustration blog

Have a nice October everyone!