Susie Bubble

Susie said

‘Susie Bubble in Holly Russel’ illustration I made on June 2009

I blog probably 2 to 3 times a day. The blog is like my baby, you’ve got to keep feeding him otherwise he will die. ~Susie Bubble

As for me blog is the ultimate machine to see your personal achievement and growth. There’s no better timeline documenter than a blog form. Get yourself one now and be amazed next year.

Susie Bubble quoted from here.

Amazed #1: Why I use some kind of weird swirl vector in my drawing? It’s ugly.

Amazed #2: Where did I get that swirl?

Susie Bubble in Holly Russel

susie bubbleHer style is dare, different, and quirkie in a great way. Check out her not like others ‘so-so’ fashion blog amazing fashion blog here!

After this I want to make a Black & White dress/clothes series from fashion blogs and runway collections 🙂