red black white illustration

I don’t know when I started

Has this obsession with red white black, but everytime I made doodles, sketches, or anything in this color scheme everything will looks just fine and great, even when it’s not *pardon*

your friends show who you really are

You allowed to make friends with the ‘bad influence’ people if you don’t have any friends in this world except yourself
(but it’s too pathetic … don’t you think?)

start moving now

A lot of people just talking and talking and talking and talking and talking
I wanna be like this … I wanna be like that … I wanna be like him/her
 and bla … bla … bla … bla
Ah gosh! Stop talking! Stop comparing your self with others! Stop dreaming

And start moving!

pampering my self

for a single Jakartanisme girl pampering herself is the best activitiy to killing the time
for me … I prefer spend my day watching How I Meet Your Mother season 3

little monster stretching routine

When I woke up this morning I got headache and snoozing, and I hate that. I grab vitamin pils that my mom gave me and drink a lot of water. Went to office with this weak body give me a thinking to do my jogging routine again. *Hatchiiiii!!!* well … I’m snoozing again.

elastic prince

they’re dancing all day long, can do many moves and don’t have any mimic. they just do their dancing part complete each others. if you scroll their button and they’ll freeze like a sculpture. as simple as that
I’ve done this sketch in traditional way using ink from the beginning till I finished it sometimes I feel so lazy to use pencil sketch first because after inked I’ve to use eraser. I hate eraser