nike prima


*) nik.e‘s way to write their names. sweet

I always love when my girlfriends ask me to make an illustration for their wedding day. And this one was different, she asked me to make an illustration on one of their pre wedding picture, and all is well. I really love the end result.

Can you feel Rama & Gendis jealousy on them? | Photo: Aditya Adinata

Too sweet isn't it?

The newlywed

Congratulation dear, hope the happiness will always be with you 🙂

All photos are taken from nik.e facebook page.


#4 the cooling down girl

A very talented writer. Actually one of the coolest person that I ever know.
Do you feel lost and lonely in this super hectic city? Than you should read her cooling down writings here 🙂

PS: Thank you so much for #tamasyatidung!