Kopi Keliling

hening adalah rumah

Rumah adalah sendirian untuk berkutat dengan pikiran kita sendiri.

a candid with Gendis

candid picture while making this shameless interview.
exactly like what I’m doing now. a shameless self portrait post.

I just like the whole trapped-in-Gendis-universe-effect in this picture.
black and white. no grey area.

supposed to be shared a month ago | tv.kopikeliling

Clickable image | http://tv.kopikeliling.com

Turns out, it’s not easy for me to speak about my self in front of camera. Thank God I never seriously pursued my news anchor dream because of this amazing Japanese TV series titled Anchor Woman/News no Onna back in my high school era. I better stay out of trouble, behind the desk, drawing.

News No Onna

must have item: limited edition Kopi Keliling tumbler by 10 artists

Buy these limited edition illustrated tumbler by 10 talented artists at kopikeliling.com for IDR 65,000 each ๐Ÿ™‚

Do strike a pose with Rama & Gendis

People with my artwork | Love Artually, 2009

Dearest you,

I have this thing since my 1st fun exhibition on 2009 with The Dancing Animal at Love Artually exhibition, that I love seeing people (the more the merrier) strike a pose with my artwork. Too bad, I forgot to do the exact same thing on my 2ndย  exhibition at Space Killer Vol.1 *sad face.

Rama & Gendis was born in this event

Now on my 3rd exhibition at Kopi Keliling I’d love you people to strike a pose with my artwork, and I’ll pick 3 favourite photos and make a faceless head illustration just for you, I hope you don’t mind that I’ll draw just an empty face of yours ๐Ÿ˜€


Kopi Keliling exhibition at Tornado Coffee, Kemang will be held until Saturday, 5 March ’11 and we already prepared a closing party!

You could send your pictures via email to lalabohang@gmail.com, twitter (@lalabohang), or facebook. You choose!
Have a nice day!

Let’s meet up at Kopi Keliling exhibition Feb 20th

Click image for full preview

Why coffee?
Coffee is one of our greatest treasure

Coffee has been a part of Indonesian culture for ages. Written records show that the first coffee to set foot in Indonesia (Batavia) was back in the year 1696ย by the Dutch colonial known as VOC.

Kopi Keliling?
Share your stories or you better die
You are invited by the artist to listen to their story, to feel their thoughts and see their dreams through a journey visuals in 5 different places within 5 months. Where in each places we will experience different stories.

20 Feb 2011:
Opening (music performance, art and photo corner)
Performances: Sunday at twelve, Sovana and the goons, Luky Annash
21 Feb – 04 March 2011: Exhibition only (Opening hours : 12 pm-8pm)
5 March 2011: Closing (music performance, art and photo corner)
Performances: Bangku Taman, Swimming Elephants, Andryo Haripradono

Note: Don’t forget to wear/bring your favourite local product/work that inspire you to the opening and closing event, take your photo at rghit pclae photocorner and get a surprise gift from adalah kita for the best photos.

Well, can’t wait to see you there guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

www.kopikeliling.com | kopi keliling on twitter | kopi keliling on facebook

Kopi Keliling | Brewing the hottest art project in 2011

Click image for full preview

I’m preparing 5 artworks dedicated to this ArtsyCoffee event
More information kopikeliling.com | facebook | twitter