hand drawing

Gendis and her addiction


“Beneran, dikelilingi sepi itu candu! Coba!”
for Gendis exhibition, 2013
Mixed media on paper

At first when I was working on Gendis exhibition back on July – August 2013 this artwork is one of my non-favourite. I didn’t like the vibe but decided to exhibit it anyway (because I like that she’s doing the knitting thing in this drawing, ah, woman).

Yesterday when I go through Gendis exhibition folder for a press request, I suddenly stopped longer on this one and my heart scream “OMG, I love it!” I love it even more than my first favourite from Gendis series.

Life and the constant change. According to the changing love and favourite, I believe something has changed inside me between July 2013 – January 2014. The drawing’s vibe which I used to “not-really-like-it-but-whatever” surprisingly become my favourite. It touches me in a unexplainable way. Maybe, maybe I become the solitude junkie as her (according to the artwork title) or maybe I just admire her comfortable-happy face surrounded only by silence and yarn? I don’t really know.

But as I always said to myself, “never fight the change inside yourself, because it’s always for the better. Embrace it.”

Photo: Dito Yuwono | Who will open his solo show “The Memories of Unidentified Experience” tomorrow 10 Jan 2014 at Kedai Kebun, Yogyakarta. From what I heard it’s gonna be a beautiful show.

us. five years from now.

there is no us anymore. night, double bed, you and me accompany each other.


A late night sketch after hypnotized by Irving Penn photos.

on JAX magazine

“Eat baby, like there’s no tomorrow.”


Inspired by Mangkok Ayam Jago t-shirt I’ve recently purchased from here.

hening adalah rumah

Rumah adalah sendirian untuk berkutat dengan pikiran kita sendiri.

hand & brain stretching

Love is not something you’ve to pursuit. It just happen.

“Believe me everyone’s life is as boring as yours, so chill!”


tek-kotek anak ayam berkotek

Peanut butter jar for my brush cleaner (on the top-right)

Pencil case: A souvenir from Artjog 2012 illustrated by Wedhar Riyadi and all my dearest pens and pencils.

My cliche obsession (the woman not the man [?])

  • Pouring all the thoughts fearlessly (on paper)
  • Eat like a pig – taco + taco, nasi goreng ijo, green tea cake, etc.
  • Commission works
  • Bryan Boy and Garance Dore on Pardon my French.
  • Being a cliche (look at previous point)
  • Being alone
  • Alone

Have to be done soon to do list:

  • Finished 5 give away drawings for 5 people from here
  • Doing something with this ‘Sometimes I believe six impossible things before breakfast’ thing.

just woke up from a long nap

“Bed for One” | Mixed media on gray paper, 2012

In an empty and messy room. This room used to be my sanctuary, very neat and therapeutic. But yesterday I woke up on a disgusting bed covered with dust and smell like my childhood best friend smelly feet (after his basket routine). It’s all my fault. I have been hearing too many opinions, spend time to focused on something that didn’t really matter for the last 3-4 months (yeah, slow minded) and neglecting things that actually matter. Now I have to wake up also make-up my mind and work again from the beginning. also promise myself to be an opinion-careless bitch

What matters you doesn’t matter, matter to me.
What matters to me doesn’t matter, matter to you.
What matters to you doesn’t matter, matter to them.
What matters to them doesn’t change anything.

Oh, and please do choose wisely for Jakarta. Because it really matter 🙂

soulmate (?) | details

Soulmate (?) series
Mixed media on paper (each 20 x 31 cm)

Gendis first time in Yogya, hope she will have the opportunity to visit this city more often. Thankyou IVAA!

#30lunchbreakdrawing part 1

Fasting month lunch break drawings. Turns out I almost wear the same outfit every 10 days.
And yes, drawing is def for fun. Spare some time for the FUN.

Happy Ied and holiday people!

pretty much this and that

I love the end result-commission-work, that rarely happen.

Carpe Diem! scene from Dead Poets Society

Because we are food for worms, lads. Because, believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold and die.

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Fire can not kill a dragon.

Last but def not the least, have a smooth and nice fasting month people 🙂