MARTELL Contemporary Art Exhibition


You are cordially invited to

MARTELL Contemporary Art Exhibition
In association with Edwin’s Gallery

Art Exhibition

Featuring :

Awan P. Simatupang
Dolorosa Sinaga
Ichwan Noor
Jumaldi Alfi
Kandura Keramik
Leonardiansyah Allenda
Lie Fhung
Marishka Soekarna
Emte (Muhammad Taufiq)
Narpati Awangga a.k.a Oomleo
Reza ‘asung’ Afisina
Saleh Husein
Stephany Yaya Sungkharisma
Terra Bajraghosa
The Secret Agents (Indra Ameng & Keke Tumbuan)
Wisnu Auri
Ykha Amelz
Yuki Agriardi
Lala Bohang

Curated by Mia Maria
Co-curated by Riksa Afiaty

Host : Sabrina Joseph | Richard Muljadi

Venue : Edwin’s Gallery
Kemang Raya no.21, Kemang Jakarta 12730

11 March 2015
06.30 PM onward

Dress code : Fabulous Glam

A Short Story About Hair & Study on Woman | Artworks


“A Short Story About Hair: Stigma & Tradition” (left) “A Short Story About Hair: Freedom & Femininity” (right) | Ink, watercolor, and charcoal on paper, 2014.





“A Short Story About Hair: Domestic by Choice (?)” | Ink and watercolor on multidimension cut-out paper, 2014.




“Study on Woman” series | Left to right: Dependency & Safety . Never Enough . Settlement Trap . Description on Parenthood . Sleeping With My Enemy | Ink, watercolor, and charcoal on paper, 2014.

1795457_10152814244982485_2109853408169657298_o     10712490_10152814244682485_3102532120804033135_o

Indonesian women in general haven’t realize the ownership of their body and thought. Most of them make the biggest decision in life such as marriage and pregnancy by the tradition and stigma that live in society. In the other hand, feminist movement in Indonesia are mostly extremely stubborn and superior. They often underestimate other women who don’t share similar principle as them. In my opinion feminism is women’s and men’s issue, it supposed to be a dialogue, tolerance, and flexibility.

Gendis and her addiction


“Beneran, dikelilingi sepi itu candu! Coba!”
for Gendis exhibition, 2013
Mixed media on paper

At first when I was working on Gendis exhibition back on July – August 2013 this artwork is one of my non-favourite. I didn’t like the vibe but decided to exhibit it anyway (because I like that she’s doing the knitting thing in this drawing, ah, woman).

Yesterday when I go through Gendis exhibition folder for a press request, I suddenly stopped longer on this one and my heart scream “OMG, I love it!” I love it even more than my first favourite from Gendis series.

Life and the constant change. According to the changing love and favourite, I believe something has changed inside me between July 2013 – January 2014. The drawing’s vibe which I used to “not-really-like-it-but-whatever” surprisingly become my favourite. It touches me in a unexplainable way. Maybe, maybe I become the solitude junkie as her (according to the artwork title) or maybe I just admire her comfortable-happy face surrounded only by silence and yarn? I don’t really know.

But as I always said to myself, “never fight the change inside yourself, because it’s always for the better. Embrace it.”

Photo: Dito Yuwono | Who will open his solo show “The Memories of Unidentified Experience” tomorrow 10 Jan 2014 at Kedai Kebun, Yogyakarta. From what I heard it’s gonna be a beautiful show.

Let’s meet up at Kopi Keliling exhibition Feb 20th

Click image for full preview

Why coffee?
Coffee is one of our greatest treasure

Coffee has been a part of Indonesian culture for ages. Written records show that the first coffee to set foot in Indonesia (Batavia) was back in the year 1696 by the Dutch colonial known as VOC.

Kopi Keliling?
Share your stories or you better die
You are invited by the artist to listen to their story, to feel their thoughts and see their dreams through a journey visuals in 5 different places within 5 months. Where in each places we will experience different stories.

20 Feb 2011:
Opening (music performance, art and photo corner)
Performances: Sunday at twelve, Sovana and the goons, Luky Annash
21 Feb – 04 March 2011: Exhibition only (Opening hours : 12 pm-8pm)
5 March 2011: Closing (music performance, art and photo corner)
Performances: Bangku Taman, Swimming Elephants, Andryo Haripradono

Note: Don’t forget to wear/bring your favourite local product/work that inspire you to the opening and closing event, take your photo at rghit pclae photocorner and get a surprise gift from adalah kita for the best photos.

Well, can’t wait to see you there guys! 🙂

www.kopikeliling.com | kopi keliling on twitter | kopi keliling on facebook