A picture is worth a thousand words

Gendis: Why’s a picture worth a thousand words?

Rama: Hm…how fast do you type?

Gendis: About 25 words per minute.

Rama: That’s it! When I finish my drawing in 40 minutes. You would have already typed 2,000 words!

I made this drawing for the whole hour, so its worth 3,000 words




















Why I agreed to participate in this Cornetto Ice Cream of Love thing?
Because it’s a a love thing. You won’t say ‘No’ for Love are you?

Why I never say ‘No’ for Love?
Because love between two lovebirds is just the most magical, and irrational thing in this world. How are these two stranger suddenly in love? It’s absurd.

Why Rama & Gendis are making an appearance in this drawing?
Because that’s what they’re doing in their life. Simply being madly in love with each other, and show up wherever-whenever Love sing a love song.

Why is that chocolate liquid falling from the ice cream cone?
Love will come when you least expected 🙂

Why are those flower got those polkadot pattern?
Love won’t bore you my dear. It will surprise you with laugh and happy tears.

What are you gonna do after post this drawing?
It’s late, I’m going to sleep with smile on my face and knocking on my pretty dreamland (it has many polkadot).

Keep madly in Love people.
Love will conquer all the hates and negative minds.
And do grab an Ice Cream of Love while you’re doing that.



*Rama and Gendis conversation above is quoted from

Thou not shall fear*

*speaking about love here

Today I just watched The Sweetest Thing again, when Cameron Diaz was still a young hottie. This movie basically told women to be more brave and fearless to express the thing called love. Speaking of which, when I was a naive  junior high school student, I remember that I was really like this guy (he’s a naive type too of course) but I had no guts to tell him just because the sake of a girl shouldn’t express their feelings to the opposite sex. And I keep my mouth silent, unfortunately when I was in senior high school one of my old friend told me that the guy was having the same feeling as I am, but it’s too late he already off to another city and continue his study there. But of course until now, I always keep my mouth shut everytime I like a guy. Yes, I am a chicken.

That’s why I always looking up to the girl who brave enough to express her feelings. And it’s a rare stuff, most girls couldn’t take the being-rejected-effect (admit it). And I finally got the chance to meet the rare brave girls. Two weeks ago, I have a lunch visit to  La Piazza and there she is, the rarely founded brave girls who express her feelings by wearing a fairy costumes and bring a giant heart to her Prince charming, isn’t it bravely sweet? Watching her bring that giant heart makes my knees weak, I was afraid that her Prince charming will broke her heart. If yes, I’ll punch him at nose, it’s not an everyday activity a girl said, “I love you.”, wearing a fairy costume, prepared a marching band team to show a play, and brought an uncountable amount of Cornetto new varian called Disc Strawberry Cheesecake to express her love.

I think it’s so sweet of Cornetto to held “Katakan Dengan Cornetto” event that help 10 people either a boy or a girl to express their feeling in a creative and unique way. Lucky me that I got the chance to watch the couples in the making process. I wish Cornetto was there when I still a naive teenager, maybe I could asked their help. OK stop talking about my lame love life.

These are a quick snapshoot from “Katakan Dengan Cornetto” at La Piazza

Look at those people. The girl is a real fearless!
Cornetto never fail, isn’t it?
The “malu-malu tapi mau” face

And finally, her Prince Charming said “Yes.”, and I keep my punch back on my pocket. Turns out that they’re a bestfriend for 4 years, isn’t life too sweet? A best friend being a couple, it’s always works. Based on Jason Mraz song “I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been.”. It’s so true, being in love with your best friend is one of the greatest thing that could happen to you.

Of course Gendis won’t let herself being in a silence mode for this truthful love situation. Here she is, express her feeling as always.

Congratulation you two, have an amazing couple’s life!

The launch of Cornetto Ice Cream of Love

I always love a scoop (or more) of ice cream in any taste, ice cream is the kind of  light-food that makes me happier and feeling warm inside without trying too hard like a chocolate bar (my weak teeth couldn’t handle this anymore).

Besides pursuit my simple happiness through an uncountable scoop of ice cream in my spare recreational time, I will always fall head over hells for anything that put creativity as based of action and create an output that so called breakthrough.

That’s why my visit to Cilandak Town Square (Citos) on 12 Feb turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant visit. The weather is warm that night, but Citos as always is full with people in their enthusiastic happy faces, and while I was walking to my favourite corner I saw this giant pink ice cream at the center lobby, wondering what would this ice cream do with this amount of people.

Giant Cornetto that caught my eyes

Honestly I didn’t put a full attention to the event called “Katakan dengan Cornetto”, like usual I’m busy with my self doing this and da. But unfortunately, the event attracted me from my loner side. They create an event creatively that would makes anyone (even you the most loner people) noticing and watching of what they’re doing that night.

As the event opening, a talented high school marching band team was doing an interesting play from the entrance lobby to the middle lobby and went back again to the entrance lobby for closing, while people are watched them end their play, from the middle lobby there was this cheerleaders team screaming and start dancing passionately (like in full energy). And just like that people walked fastly back to the middle lobby to watched the cheerleaders. After that there was a Saman dancer team (it was my first time watching Saman dance, and oh-so-effin interesting!), continued with Paskibra team and also modern dance team, people were running and walking fastly from middle lobby back to center until the whole play is finished, a cute chaotic. And btw they were all a high schoolers! What a talented young people, I’m a proud Indonesian 🙂

Bright smile from the marching band member

As the main show of the night Naif made this memorable entrance to the main stage where that giant ice cream standing and they was start singing and dancing like no one watching. I was a little bit shock at heart, because I watched the whole event with this curious feeling inside, it’s rare because most of product launching event are boring *ups.

While I was watching the handsome David Naif with his total new look, I give a try to Cornetto new varian called Cornetto Disc Strawberry Cheesecake and it’s real delicioso! You should try it like today. Should, should, should!

A very nice make over Mr. David!

To show my appreciation to the creative event, those talented young people, the curiousity that they had in me that night and of course Cornetto delicioso ice cream, I create an illustration to capture the festive night on 12 Feb.

Cheerleader-girl looks so happy!

Saman girls coming out from ice cream

I made pink and blue version, I feel these two colors really suite the atmosphere of the ice cream and the launching night. I prefer the pink one, how about you? Last but not the least, Katakan dengan Cornetto!

*All photos are taken from Lalla’s blog a talented young photographer and writer, again I’m a proud Indonesian. Go check her out.

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