Artjog 2012

hand & brain stretching

Love is not something you’ve to pursuit. It just happen.

“Believe me everyone’s life is as boring as yours, so chill!”


tek-kotek anak ayam berkotek

Peanut butter jar for my brush cleaner (on the top-right)

Pencil case: A souvenir from Artjog 2012 illustrated by Wedhar Riyadi and all my dearest pens and pencils.

My cliche obsession (the woman not the man [?])

  • Pouring all the thoughts fearlessly (on paper)
  • Eat like a pig – taco + taco, nasi goreng ijo, green tea cake, etc.
  • Commission works
  • Bryan Boy and Garance Dore on Pardon my French.
  • Being a cliche (look at previous point)
  • Being alone
  • Alone

Have to be done soon to do list:

  • Finished 5 give away drawings for 5 people from here
  • Doing something with this ‘Sometimes I believe six impossible things before breakfast’ thing.

soulmate (?) | details

Soulmate (?) series
Mixed media on paper (each 20 x 31 cm)

Gendis first time in Yogya, hope she will have the opportunity to visit this city more often. Thankyou IVAA!

Gendis & soulmate

For me making art is to share feelings and thoughts. As simple as that.

Gendis flying

A sneak peek for IVAA-ARTJOG Archive Aid 2012, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, 14-28 Juli 2012