30 days drawing challenge

day 4 : favourite place

Yes, I’m a liar.

This is not the 4th drawing for 30 days drawing challenge. But anyway, I check twice and yes there is no exact rule for this 30 days thing. So I just made this project as my personal challenge to draw 30 stories from Gendis’s life (that’s one stubborn careless pisces).

Home is where the heart is.

Gendis most favourite place is home (as I am), her home is located near to the world edge where is nothing can be more white than their afternoon sky. Gendis’s 2 lovely sisters who living in the house both share the same love for long stripes sock and big bow, it’s genetic.

They have a lake behind their house full with gold fish and shy crabs, every summer they wore their stripes swimsuit and spend the whole day swimming and laughing with all the gold fish and shy crabs. And today is summer time in the monochoromatic world so Gendis take her teacup baloon gas and fly home. Happy holiday you three!

day 2 : favourite animal

She’s the best because : She never talks (yes, in my world animal could talk), her food is an expired heart, and she’s as pretty as me. Oh, and Rama loves her too (actually this is the most important reason).