INKXIETY: An Act of Release Through Drawing

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Drawing is cheaper than a psychologist.

Inkxiety is an act of drawing with black ink on paper also an act of release anxiety. It’s healthy for your soul because it’s drawing from it. The result of inkxiety is like a real mind map of your brain and from there you can start making anything you want.

Learn how to pouring emotion to something you can see, how to pick up inspiration from what’s already there, how to use ink on paper, and how to gain bravery and fearlessness to express imagination on paper.

A mini class program presented by lingkaran.co

Sunday, 23th August 2015
at Conclave

Photo: Wendy Pratama



Hello everyone! Finally I’m back from my very long holiday in Africa 🙂
And I just noticed shoulder pad trends these days. IT’S UBER UGLY.

I won’t wear it EVER!

PS : I’m a pixie hair now

hot chocolate and mint

diana rikasariOne of the best fashion blogger from Indonesia!
Visit her blog and you’ll see her daring style

I’m super bored but stripes help me out

19 juni

a little bit
the coolest brand in my eyes (for now) is boy by band of outsiders