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PRESS: On TH!NGS Magazine

TH!NGS Magazine

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TH!NGS Magazine 2

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Thankyou Fryza Pavitta and TH!NGS Magazine.


Profile pict.: Yudha Radithe for
Gendis artworks pict.:
Dito Yuwono



Gendis on Jakarta Globe

Jakarta Globe

Features: Lala Bohang Exhibition Showcases Her Inner Self [ link ]

Thankyou Katrin Figge for the article.



NYLON GUYS Green Sands Esccape (1)

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NYLON GUYS Green Sands Esccape (2)

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A summary article from our #GSEscape trip (I’ve written about this trip here and here) to Malang, Bromo, and Bali last May with Green Sands Indonesia on NYLON Guys August edition. Thank you Sandi Eko!


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STORY magazine is a teenage magazine that features short story from young writers all over Indonesia (less fashion and clothes like others). So despite the teenager-ish layout and colour, I like how this magazine did the interview and article. Thanks Dodi!

my humble nest/studio space captured by LIVINGLOVING

I love how LivingLoving captured my favourite place in the world where I spend my time alone with my thoughts, books, journal, and feel extremely alive. Read the complete post here and watch the beautiful video.

LivingLoving featured all interesting stuff about interior, craft, decoration, and basically all things nice from the local talent. Simple, humble, sweet, and very well curated.

PS: 5 more days for my personal drawings giveaway!

on JAX magazine

“Eat baby, like there’s no tomorrow.”


Inspired by Mangkok Ayam Jago t-shirt I’ve recently purchased from here.

a late post as always | One Eye Girl in a Chanel Dress

(My face looks extremely weird so I ‘blur’ it. The best solution for now)
Click here if you want to see the real dress and all-white-under-the-sea amazing runway designed by Zaha Hadid. Yeah this non-stop awesomeness makes me a bit dizzy.

Thank you ELLE!

PS: I finally update my Press page. FI-NAL-LY

close up version of Verre illustration + updates

Lala Bohang for Verre Compparel still available here
Grab it fast will you?

I tried. And just found this low quality picture of the real Verre.

Thank God my mom and siblings are an Apple i-slave (I wish I am)

The latest media coverage of Verre Compparel and us in Amica magazine.

Thankyou Amica!

(not so) lately media coverage

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As one of 8 featured artists for Area 8th Anniversary Issue. Thank you Area!

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Probably the sweetest media coverage that I ever had. Thank you Juice 🙂

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A fantastic 365 project from Adalah Kita. I’m the lucky No. 4
You should check it out!