I’m a surprise. ~John Milton, The Devil’s Advocate.

At the beginning drawing was my saviour from time and disappointment, a place to be. Through the years it become my strongest language, the pool of fragments: idea, feeling, honesty, dream, self-talk, thought, human relation. Through my drawing I have the ability to present a story for myself and others without any boundaries and pretentiousness.

My current language is mostly in schematic black and white form with a naïve touch. Inviting the viewer  into a black and white childlike scenery and sometimes poetic, more like a story teller who draw. Whenever one asked me if I would label my self as a ‘black-and-white’ artist I would definitely negate it.This current signature, the black and white, is the current me, as a human being I can not cease to grow, to experience new things, consequently I would be inspired, I would develop, I would change, my fundamentals, my principles, my values would thus change accordingly. And I already made a promise: I won’t stop myself from growing.

As I further emerge myself into drawing and art in general, I am becoming more motivated with the fact that drawing is indeed the fundamental of almost all field of art and design. Especially in the time where labeling one as an artist or a designer is no longer in fashion. In my opinion things in art have crossed, overlapped, intertwined, and mixed between one another. An era of aesthetic freedom. Based on that thought I recently freeing my mind and discovered new interests in other medium and I finally realized it’s not about the medium anymore, but how to use the choosen medium to deliver your idea and message. To have your story delivered.

Jakarta, June 2013

Lala Bohang

Picture by irockumentary.com


  1. halo lala salam kenal
    thx telah berkunjung ke blog gw ya,terimakasih juga atas pujiannya. hehehe belom sanggup kalo punya tu pensil, tapi yang penting dah pernah ngerasain. biar gak kbawa mimpi. hehehe
    gw suka cara elo menggambar.
    keep eksplor ya.

  2. Wah Haqi singgah juga di MP saya 🙂
    itu entri dibuat dengan penuh kesadaran kok hehe …

  3. ceu,,,ke-basian gk sih kl gw br comment disini?
    hehehehe…bagus ceu,,ide drmn tuh gmbr2? lanjutkan.,,!! ky SBY aj…*so creative!

  4. Nike singgah 🙂
    Iya saya suka menggambar perempuan dan tidak punya keinginan untuk menggambar pria (plus lebih susah juga) *hehehe

  5. heii girl!!
    great blog that i found today. ^^

    know your blog from your illustrated for diana rikasari,,hooo..

    jd pengen jg dbuatin,, 😀

    keep blogging,,:)

  6. haluu lala…

    Salam kenal yaa….ku sukaaa hasil karyanya, sangat kreatip. Mau dunk dibuatin ehehe…
    Nice to know you..
    Thanks 🙂

  7. ajariiiiin dong lala….
    keren bgt blognya
    lagi belajar nie,nice pice of art anyway
    kirain cuma bisa gambar kerja the wave aja hehehe

    keep the good work ya


  8. hi lala,
    i reli love ur blog, so refreshing.
    anyway how old are you, im so amazed by the artwork u hv done. it seems u hv been doin dis like forever.
    do u learn it sumwhere.
    nways keep up the good work n keeep postingg moree!!!
    u r my favvvs = ]]


  9. Hi Lala, I just stumbled upon your blog and I loved every single illustration! You have such a unique talent and your work is magical! Keep up the good work 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. hi there,

    im from Malaysia, tapi aku suka bangat sama karya kamu, kreatif bangat.
    i add u on twitter but never reply mine, hope we can keep in touch.
    u r so amazing. !

    twitter : YayaAdalia
    fb: chammy86@yahoo.com(yaya adalia)

  11. salam kenal, Ka Lala… ilustrasi dan sketsa di blognya menarik dan unik…
    sudah bikin karya sejak kapan?
    klo ada waktu, kunjungi ini: “perjalanan segelas susu” (ga ngasih link, biar ga spam, pake google aja yak.. hehe). Itu blog bibi saya,, dia juga orang yang suka bikin ilustrasi… 🙂

    nb: ijin bikin blogroll yak.. 🙂

  12. @manshurzikri: berkarya ‘berusaha rajin’ sejak 2008.udah intip perjalanan segelas susu. cerita-ceritanya menarik. terima kasih sudah singgah ya 🙂

    @masdhenkhenk: makasih 🙂

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