A Short Story About Hair & Study on Woman | Artworks


“A Short Story About Hair: Stigma & Tradition” (left) “A Short Story About Hair: Freedom & Femininity” (right) | Ink, watercolor, and charcoal on paper, 2014.





“A Short Story About Hair: Domestic by Choice (?)” | Ink and watercolor on multidimension cut-out paper, 2014.




“Study on Woman” series | Left to right: Dependency & Safety . Never Enough . Settlement Trap . Description on Parenthood . Sleeping With My Enemy | Ink, watercolor, and charcoal on paper, 2014.

1795457_10152814244982485_2109853408169657298_o     10712490_10152814244682485_3102532120804033135_o

Indonesian women in general haven’t realize the ownership of their body and thought. Most of them make the biggest decision in life such as marriage and pregnancy by the tradition and stigma that live in society. In the other hand, feminist movement in Indonesia are mostly extremely stubborn and superior. They often underestimate other women who don’t share similar principle as them. In my opinion feminism is women’s and men’s issue, it supposed to be a dialogue, tolerance, and flexibility.


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