Bedroom series at Newsagency Gallery

bedroom 1

Clockwise: “Us five years from now” | “Happiness is outside your comfort zone” | “Sometimes I can see myself outside my world” | “Bed for one” | Mixed media on paper.

bedroom 2

“Disconnected” | Mixed media on paper.


“Us five years from now” Sketch on the left, final work on the right | Mixed media on paper.

“Bedroom Series”
Bedroom is where people be their honest self, keep their secrets, and share their thoughts with their love one. Bedroom is where people do whatever they like without any fear of others judgement and opinion. Bedroom is where the comfort belong, dreams safety box, and true-self taking a deep breath from life. Bedroom is where people share the complete and honest story.

Girl Gangs of Indonesia, 1-23 Feb 2013
Newsagency Gallery 332 Stanmore Rd Petersham, Sydney.

PS: Yeah, I totally forgot to take a decent picture of my works. Nice.



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