It’s always easier to become a difficult person rather than a simple minded.

Nowadays simplicity being the one of the hardest thing to be done. We love being difficult, we love being crazy, we love being complicated. These thing become a huge trend for the whole generation. While simplicity in my humble opinion is an honest act. Honesty will always lead you to enlightment, not easy at first to say what you want and do only what you care about, but it’s worth a try. Difficulties is an absolut but being heavy is an option.


Get this limited designer’s series at Verre Compparel at Brightspot Market on 14-17 Feb 2013.

For more information visit this page.



  1. Hey, Lala. I’m one of your fans. I always love your work. It just has character 🙂 I myself am learning to draw and put it on my little blog now. I hope in the future I’ll have beautiful blog and artworks as you 🙂


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