just woke up from a long nap

“Bed for One” | Mixed media on gray paper, 2012

In an empty and messy room. This room used to be my sanctuary, very neat and therapeutic. But yesterday I woke up on a disgusting bed covered with dust and smell like my childhood best friend smelly feet (after his basket routine). It’s all my fault. I have been hearing too many opinions, spend time to focused on something that didn’t really matter for the last 3-4 months (yeah, slow minded) and neglecting things that actually matter. Now I have to wake up also make-up my mind and work again from the beginning. also promise myself to be an opinion-careless bitch

What matters you doesn’t matter, matter to me.
What matters to me doesn’t matter, matter to you.
What matters to you doesn’t matter, matter to them.
What matters to them doesn’t change anything.

Oh, and please do choose wisely for Jakarta. Because it really matter 🙂



  1. Wouu I like the coloring. What did you use:D???
    yeah something we need the mistakes to actually done it right. Forgive ourselves amd let’s grow better^^

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