[after 3 months on hold] my June partner in collage: @vantiani

faceless head series #18: Vantiani

Note: Sorry for the rude #12for2012 delay. 2012 been crazy with unplanned things. Which is great actually, I always love unplanned days and life.

5 facts about Ika Vantiani:

  1. A free spirited, zine maker, crafter, photographer, punk at heart, friendly, and a talented writer. A true renaisssance woman.
  2. She’s one of very few people with the positive personality. I love spending time with her. She never fail to inject this weird (in a good way) positive spark in my mind.
  3. She’s very confident about herself and her works. No matter what people say she just keep doing her own things. Which I really admire.
  4. We share the same love for ayam penyet Bu Kris 🙂
  5. Her art is not a general art form in Indonesia. She make beautiful collage work that I’d love to collect someday. Cut and glue technique it’s really hard to be done, need a serious amount of patience and sensitivity. Also she have this obsession with vintage stuff and it pretty much affect her works.

Some of Ika Vantiani’s collages that I love the most:

Her latest zine: I wish I am a camera

The truth is we haven’t talk about our collaboration. She’s busy preparing her upcoming exhibition and me busy with bla…bla…bla. But we both willing to make this happen. It always better late than never, right?



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