[after 2 months on hold] my July partner in shoes story: @mykindofperson

An illustration I made on 2010

The only thing I can tell you is My Kind of Person is a She. A kind hearted she. I draw this illustration for her blog header on April, 2010. How time flies so fast. Since the beginning she want to be anonymous just like all of shoes stories in her blog.

5 facts about My Kind of Person:

  1. We’re being best friends since 2006. It’s a very long time for a ‘not good in keeping in touch’ person like me.
  2. She’s everyone best friend (like literally everyone), that I really admire. We both are under the same zodiac sign (Pisces) but she’s the friendly extrovert kind and I’m the introvert selfish bitch.
  3. Creative is her middle name. Once we’re working together in the same office and I always amaze by her ideas. I envy her for that.
  4. As we grow up we’re not spending time together very often like we used to. She’s out there, socializing, meeting new people, and make new best friends. While I’m too lazy to going out and become too comfortable with the idea of solitude, and spending time with my self a lot. But deep down I know we’re meant to be friends, no matter how different we are.
  5. She write in this simple, naive, and touching way. Everytime I visit and read stories in her blog, I wish I have her mind a bit. She have this weird and funny point of view of life and others. She have this ability to always look the good side of others, the most non-judgemental person I’ve ever met.

Some stories that I love the most:

“Tapi … kankernya hilang kan?”
“Iyaaa udah mengecil kok …”

Sebagai contoh, sepatu ini milik kakak beradik yang sangat akrab satu sama lain.
Yang seru, mereka main bareng, temen-temennya sama, saling support satu sama lain.

Depression is not a sign of weakness. It is just a sign that you have been strong for too long.

Emang gak selamanya kanan dan kiri itu harus sama. Mungkin ada kalanya kita melakukan suatu hal yang dianggap gak masuk akal oleh orang-orang sekitar. Tapi ya itu tadi, kenapa harus ngikutin apa yang dijalani orang-orang pada umumnya?

So pure.



  1. she really is 🙂 one of the most touching blog i’ve ever read.
    lala, been a long time since the last time we met anywaaay
    well i’m not that good in keeping touch with people. dang. (and now) not that good in updating my blog.
    pengen ketemuuu

  2. bacain blognya sadie dari 2010, gak pernah ketemu orangnya. tapi malahan ketemu plus bikin tulisan ttg lala dan gak pernah sadar klo itu ilustrasi lala. how small my world is. btw la, udh nyampe dong majalahnya?

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