for the love of all of those friend request(ssssssss)


I (re)set-up a facebook page. Because, believe me I don’t have any ‘drawing thing’ in my personal facebook page. I still have it for the sake of birthday notification, friend’s marriage(sssssssss), birth(sssssss), and whatever notification that consider as an important matter in our society. It will be difficult if I have too many notification from ‘I don’t know who are you dear?’. It’s not that you’re not important but being an adult with 2nd, 3rd, even 4th degree friends sometimes too hard to handle. Please be kind and understand.

So I try to put my laziness aside and make a page where you can access all of my (mostly unimportant) illustration stuff, painting stuff, latest commission, sketches, things that interest me, cute illustrators that I like to stalk, my usual nonsense, etc.

And yes, this Facebook Page completely makes me an official Internet Whore 2.0. You don’t have to remind me about that.

For the first 150 like on my page, I’ll pick five random names and give you one original artwork of mine (without frame). I think this is a great solution for me, since I never thought about giving my artworks to make my room more liveable and breathable. It will push me to clean up my room and share my deep love for Gendis with you 🙂

Gendis at her new home in Julich, Germany

So here’s the link of my latest whoring activity on the internet, hope you’ll like it.

Click me

PS #1: If Rama & Gendis image above didn’t work. Just cut the crap and click here

PS #2: It still empty. It’s a bit empty.


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