my May partner in illustrated motion: @curutsalto

faceless head series #1: Dmaz

5 facts about Dmaz Brodjonegoro:

1. He’s the first person that made me come to the idea of faceless head series from people that I care the most or inspire me. Thankyou!

2. He’s THE multitalented person,  illustration and video direction all at once. The real multitalented, not the fake one who just pretend and showing off that they can do it all. You know the difference right?

3. He’s having this weird phobia … while I love polkadots very much, he hated it, like really hate it. It’s his lost because he will never understand about Yayoi Kusama’s beauty (cough).

4. He’s one of those few people who start their career not as an assistant to anyone, which is amazing. I know he will make it happen.

5. He’s always out there, making new friends, talking to new people, and get amazing opportunities. I should learn from him to get my self out there more often, and it’s hard because I’m so in love for being alone making stuff in my room, it’s my lazy ass not me.

Some of Dmaz’s illustrations that I love the most:

Kenzo for Elle Indonesia

Our amazing friend: @Clanirella

Love her too

Last year we’re working on “White Lilies” Imela Kei feat. The Trees and The Wild video clip. It was my first time working on a motion project as an Art Director, scared at first and super excited through the process. I love Ten2Five since I was in my college years and who doesn’t love the whimsical sounds from The Trees and The Wild? So yeah it’s like a dream project. I’m pretty pleased with the end result, sometimes I’m too easy to please.

And finally after almost a year, the video launched together with Dmaz’s birthday back on 22 May. Happy birthday again Dmaz! Please enjoy the video 🙂

Lala Bohang@lalabohang

Dear @curutsalto good morning and happy birthday. I always wish you the best and all your great dreams will soon come to your plate. Soon ♥

Behind the scene photos grabbed from the stylishly talented Ario Achda:

Do you like it? Feel free to give me your thoughts xx


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