my March partner in craftivisim: @vitarlenology

faceless head series #17: Tarlen

Craftivism in everyday life. ~Vitarlenology

Tarlen Handayani is the founder of Tobucil (if you’re a bookworm of course you’ll love or already know about this place) that makes me one of her biggest fan along time ago when I was still living in Bandung.

She is a very crafty person with 10 magic fingers that never fail to create handmade notebook that always be the joy for my eyes. For March she already have this personal project called “March Project”. Where she create handmade notebook from stuff around her like shopping bag, photo frame, vintage book, etc. This project show that sensitivity and creativity from our mind are the ultimate source to create something. Everything around us are amazing already, it’s our job to make them become more valuable than before.

So, these are my favourite notebooks from her:

Last year she invite me to collaborate with her and of course I said yes! The collaboration accidentaly become my March 12for2012 project. I’m very sorry for this rude lateness but better late than never right? We will collaborate on a notebook project (of course) which is really need Tarlen’s latest weapon named Franco (yes, James Franco). Hopefully we can publish the end result on April. Be nice Franco ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you and have a nice last day of March people!


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