video(s) that made me through these crazy week(s)

Everytime when I feel bored and low in my previous crazy weeks I’ll watch them and feel happy again.

Janie Taylor for Chloe. The amazingly soothing music by Philip Glass (b.1937). String Quartet No. 3 (Mishima)  just perfect.

Daphne by Daphne Guinnes for Comme des Garcons. She’s my kind of lady. her artistic vision just amazing.

La vie en rose by Pomplamoose. I love Edith Piaf version, but they make this sad song sounds happier.

“Everybody have something to say, of course. The art is not about having something to say, the art is about how to say this thing.” ~Marjane Satrapi

“I have this obsession to be the best. In no matter what I did.” ~Marjane Satrapi

it’s totally ok to be alone and feeling lonely sometimes.



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