a must see video from my favourite Toledo(s)

My favourite lines from this video:

Too many art directors not enough artists. Not enough people with their hands dirty, just watching. ~Isabel Toledo

Being an artist like there’s no safety net to catch you. You just have to figure out how to fly in your own way and go to your own place wherever you might going. There’s no math in this. ~Ruben Toledo

You don’t go to be an artist thinking about making money, that’s just icing on the cake and that’s a wonderful reward from the universe. ~Ruben Toledo

Thing to worry a lot is “what is your individual finger print that you want to show to the world”. Writing or music or dancing or science. ~Ruben Toledo

Consistency is how you creating your body of work. We always talking about artist work is about creating your languange. It takes time to create your languange. Your letters, from all of that letters you start arrange sentences, from sentences you arrange paragraphs, that’s how your story comes out. Its your body of work, and it looks like no one elses, feel like no one elses. ~Ruben Toledo

Its not how long you’re sleep but how much you achieve when you’re up. ~Ruben Toledo

I’m in love and I will always love this couple. I love how they replace word “passion” with “finger print”. I love the way Ruben talk so smart and fearlessly. This video really made my day.

And yes, I’m a real suck for quote. I really love to quote other people statement that inspired or touch me. In my humble opinion, quote is the easiest way to capture others thoughts, especially the beautiful one.



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