my February partner in illuspainting: @Toolkit04

faceless head series #16: Dika Toolkit

Dika Toolkit is one of the most talented friend that I’ve known for a very long time, and … still talented. The first time I spotted his mad talent was on 2006 while we’re working in the same office building in Asia Afrika, Bandung. That time I was “a drawingless not to mention heartless and dreamless” human creature who complain a lot who admire all of his detail freak artworks .

He’s truly my consistency guru. His non stop – unpretentious love for drawing and Linkin Park brought him to the moment of truth, where every designer-who-in-love-with-Shinoda would kill to be in his shoes. Mike Shinoda himself admire his tribute artwork for Linkin Park and personally requested his portfolio and email. I can’t wait when time do his mighty power and spread Dika Toolkit x Linkin Park to the whole world.

And these are my favourite works from him:

Along February we will working on one big illuspainting – a combination between illustration and painting (of course) – with two different approach from us. I’ll update our working progress here, and hope you’ll enjoy the journey as we do.




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