do come to Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol.10 “Visualize Jakarta”

I’m invited to be one of Pecha Kucha Vol.10 speakers. To share the same stage with these people, it feels amazing 🙂

1. Anton Ismael – Photography
2. Ndoro Kakung – Instagram
3. Tony Wahid – Food Photography
4. Nucil – DeviantArt Indonesia
5. Indo Runners
6. Meizan D. Nataadiningrat– Keuken Bandung
7. Isha Hening – Visual Jockey
8. Lala Bohang – Illustration Art
9. Ary Wibowo – Rumah Kreatif
10. Bayu D. M. Kusuma – National Geographic Indonesia
11. Soleh Solihun – Stand Up Comedy
12. Eric Wirjanata – Toys
13. Daniel Giovanni – Parkour Jakarta
14. Ocky Nugroho – Broadcast
15. John Tefon – Digital Imaging

For more information about Pecha Kucha Jakarta:



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