my January partner in fiction tale

faceless head series #15: Sundea

Sundea is the founder of the oh-my-so-creative Salamatahari zine and also the too-sweet Card to Post community.

She is that kind of person who has this extremely quirky loveable imagination about everything. I always get fascinated by her ability to write such a beautiful tale based on tiny details from her ordinary daily life such as sun, wind, bus, or even her shoes. Her unique point of view for every story she made never fail to makes me giggles.

These are my favourite lines from her:

Kamis adalah hari keseimbangan yang ada di antara Senin-Selasa-Rabu dan Jumat-Sabtu-Minggu.

Jika kita mengenali ke mana kemonsteran kita tumbuh menyimpang, kita dapat menjadi monster yang baik-baik saja. Ingatkah kamu pada monster-monster dalam film Monster Inc. dan serial Sesame Street?

Akar mengikat tumbuhan pada tanah. Bukan untuk membatasi ruang geraknya, tapi justru untuk membiarkannya tumbuh seluas-luasnya.

Along January we will working on an illustrated fiction tale series (it will be in Bahasa). Hope you will enjoy the journey as much as we do šŸ™‚

Last but not the least. It feels really great to work with the person whose imagination I envy with, pardon my Pisces attitude.




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