12 for 2012 | the whole year project

I always love collaboration project.
I love how two (or more) people working on one project.

It’s like throwing couple of imaginations into one giant bowl.
It will give you an inspiring journey, a story to tell.

Especially when the project combine two different fields.
It might give you new ideas or even better new friends.

That’s why I’m starting this 12 for 2012 . connecting the dots project.
One collaboration for each month along 2012.

I don’t know where it leads or what might come through this.
What I know is me and 12 talented friends will have so much fun.

What we’re doing here is as simple as connecting the dots.
connecting ideas. concept. creativity. hours. dreams. purpose.

Below is my ideal time schedule and collaboration key word:
if you have any ideas or recommendation feel free to email me.

I will announce my partner in connecting the dots every first week of each month. Wish us luck!




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