the shy headless girl

She made an appearance on this black and white scene above for Elle Decoration Feb-March 2011 issue, styling by yours truly.

Yes, I’m still a 9-6 worker to pay my bills (especially all those shoes). But thank God my job still in my ‘interest area’ and my day dreaming routine not classified as a sin. Hopefully I will be a full time artist and dreamer (or whatever God’s great plan is) in real soon. Wish me luck, wish us luck.

I believe that we will always find our personal tool(s) to express. Because we’re different, that’s why we’re all special.

Dreams are the eraser dust I blow off my page.
They fade into the emptiness, another dark gray day.
Dreams are only memories of the plans I had back then.
Dreams are eraser dust and now I use a pen

~Edgar Allan Poe


One comment

  1. Sebenernya Si Shy Headless Girl itu kepalanya bohlam. Jadi, kepalanya justru terang benderang. Tapi dia orangnya humble banget. Dia lebih suka ngasih cahaya yg temaram dan teduh, makanya dia pake kap untuk efek teduh itu.

    Si Shy Headless Girl lebih suka duduk di kamar dan ngejagain anak2 yg sedang tidur. Nanti, cahaya di kepalanya nerobos masuk ke mimpi mereka.

    Begitu ceritanya.

    Aku sok tau, ya? Hehehe … kalo suatu waktu aku mau bikin cerita panjangnya di blog, boleh tak gambar ini aku pinjem ? *grin*

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