A picture is worth a thousand words

Gendis: Why’s a picture worth a thousand words?

Rama: Hm…how fast do you type?

Gendis: About 25 words per minute.

Rama: That’s it! When I finish my drawing in 40 minutes. You would have already typed 2,000 words!

I made this drawing for the whole hour, so its worth 3,000 words




















Why I agreed to participate in this Cornetto Ice Cream of Love thing?
Because it’s a a love thing. You won’t say ‘No’ for Love are you?

Why I never say ‘No’ for Love?
Because love between two lovebirds is just the most magical, and irrational thing in this world. How are these two stranger suddenly in love? It’s absurd.

Why Rama & Gendis are making an appearance in this drawing?
Because that’s what they’re doing in their life. Simply being madly in love with each other, and show up wherever-whenever Love sing a love song.

Why is that chocolate liquid falling from the ice cream cone?
Love will come when you least expected 🙂

Why are those flower got those polkadot pattern?
Love won’t bore you my dear. It will surprise you with laugh and happy tears.

What are you gonna do after post this drawing?
It’s late, I’m going to sleep with smile on my face and knocking on my pretty dreamland (it has many polkadot).

Keep madly in Love people.
Love will conquer all the hates and negative minds.
And do grab an Ice Cream of Love while you’re doing that.



*Rama and Gendis conversation above is quoted from cartoosh.com


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