a story about a girl

She used to fit in, happy in her little house with all the simple things she has.

But her home is getting tight, she can’t breath.
She would love to leave it all and get a brand new home, where the sky is blue and real birds are flying in it.

It never happen, her little house never let her go.
Now she is the saddest prisoner in her own house.



  1. amazing, neng lala
    dark story underneath, the atmosphere somehow reminds me of Burton’s Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories… 🙂

  2. Wahhhh … ini keren banget. Si Little Girl bertumbuh, tapi Si Rumha enggak.

    Ayo kita panggil temen2nya Little Girl buat ngebantu. Kayaknya Little Girl butuh pihak ke tiga, ke empat, ke lima, dan seterusnya. Kalo nggak, kasian. Dia terpaksa berenti bertumbuh dan keilangan esensi punya rumah …

    Mbak Lala ga dateng, ya, pas pentutupan Kopi Keliling? Dea waktu itu dateng, lho, sempet nyariin juga =D

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