Do strike a pose with Rama & Gendis

People with my artwork | Love Artually, 2009

Dearest you,

I have this thing since my 1st fun exhibition on 2009 with The Dancing Animal at Love Artually exhibition, that I love seeing people (the more the merrier) strike a pose with my artwork. Too bad, I forgot to do the exact same thing on my 2nd  exhibition at Space Killer Vol.1 *sad face.

Rama & Gendis was born in this event

Now on my 3rd exhibition at Kopi Keliling I’d love you people to strike a pose with my artwork, and I’ll pick 3 favourite photos and make a faceless head illustration just for you, I hope you don’t mind that I’ll draw just an empty face of yours 😀


Kopi Keliling exhibition at Tornado Coffee, Kemang will be held until Saturday, 5 March ’11 and we already prepared a closing party!

You could send your pictures via email to, twitter (@lalabohang), or facebook. You choose!
Have a nice day!


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