Oh please … don’t use the ‘diScO LeTteR’


Because …
Those ‘diSco letTeR’ doesn’t make you look more better than what you are now
Those ‘diSco letTeR’ is very difficult to read
Those ‘diSco letTeR’ is waste your time for NOTHING

Bahasa Indonesia is one of our valuable treasure, mybe Chairil Anwar and Pramoedya Ananta Toer are crying in their grave because of this so unimportant phenomena called ‘diSco letTer’ and now Mrs. Hertje, my killer Bahasa Indonesia teacher when I was in elementary school feel that all of her dedication to teach Bahasa Indonesia is useless. I used to think this phenomena just for the ABG’s age range (which is ‘So Sad’) but after entered the working life, there are many quarter life age woman and even a man (Oh Gosh!) use this kind of letter too.

And just FYI only, the ‘diScO letTeR’ impacts to the users are :

1. Make you looks stupid
2. Make you looks shallow
3. Make you looks like a Kinder Garden school graduate
4. Make you looks  like a non substance woman and man
5. Make you looks uneducated because our teacher didn’t teach us ‘How to use Capital letter’ like that

Thank you so much!
(Please feel free to spread this message to others)


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