zombie do gardening


Last week is a very busy week for me, that’s why I didn’t do any sketch and I didn’t do any update here. An investor from abroad is coming to town and makes my day so full from 9 to 5 PM. But I enjoy it tough. When the new Monday is come, which is yesterday I feel guilty to look at my own blog. NO UPDATE. Because of that, I committed to my self to finish 10 sketch this week, hope I can do that.

Oh … one more unimportant story from me, on the last Sunday I do a little massage with my friend. That’s my first time do the ‘massage thingiy’, after done that I feel so relieved my body is so relax and that time I thought that I’ll love to do that again. But on Monday I feeling not well, my bones is like gonna break or something like that and today it’s getting worst, mybe I shouldn’t do the ‘massage thingiy’ because my body is not use to it. It still feel not well right now but I have to do all of my activities … like this unlucky zombie, have to do the gardening thing while he is … a zombie *haha*


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