are you a hugger?


“When were your last time get a quality hug?”

Quality hug will help you to get all of these sensations :

  • You feel that you’re the happiest person on earth
  • You forget all of your problems and troubles
  • You feel that surroundings both of you is empty
  • You have this believe that you two will be together forever
  • You know that he/she loves you
  • You feel like a very valuable person
  • You want to freeze the time

I used to feel all of that sensations, when I lose it I fall far away from my place
But now, I totally wake up and aware for everything. It’s just a hug, not the person. I can get another quality hug, from a quality person. The person is the main thing of all, and the hug … is just a bonus

A quality hug is a big big bonus



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