after the long working hours …

I listening to my Ipod … but thinking about him

After that, I watching my fave TV series …
but the gorgeous Blair Waldorf can’t get him out from my mind

At 12 am I hit the pillow, and before falling to sleep … I still thinking about him

You can call me stupid, but I’m on my way to an absolute freedom from him. It’s just a matter of time. Mybe now I’m afraid to try another ‘him’ in my life and decided to say goodbye to ‘falling in love feeling’ because I scared, but last night I watched Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 (and yes … Blake Lively is very hot!) and Brian (Tib’s boy friend) said this amazing statement

You need to have a little faith, Not everyone you love is going to leave you …

And I try to believe what he said. Not everyone I love is going to leave me when I make mistakes, mybe he could forgive and forget and I’ll be a better person. So I should have a faith to try and the rest is history …



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