blackberry attack

Note : It’s just an illustration to capture ‘things’ about the Jakartanisme. Hard feeling is not allowed in here. This isn’t mean that I hate blackberry, in the right time I might should buy one of them. But not now. It’s just funny how people that absolutely don’t need & don’t know what is BB for, buy it in the name of ‘style’. Hey! I don’t care … is your money, you earn it and it’s your rights to buy anything you want. And this is my blog so it’s my rights to posting anything I want and write my own opinion. Cheerio everybody!



  1. hmm…not bad for your creativity while you haven’t had many to do since last week,right… :). Good work then…

  2. i know. i also frown upon those who buy BB just for the sake of being hip. i mean, if it’s unnecessary, then just don’t.

    like your usage of english. please, i really don’t think it’s necessary, and seriously, if you can’t do it right, then don’t.

  3. rn …

    for my bad english Im sorry
    but i cant’s stop using my bad english
    it’s unnecessary for you but necessary for me
    at least I try to learn, dont you think

  4. the “facebook mobile” thingy is damn right! some of my girl friends wanted to have blackberry just for the sake of style, exchangeable rubber covers, and yahoo messenger mobile. i think it’s plain stupid.

  5. hai Iyo!
    nice to have you here. ‘my girl friends’ word menunjukkan kalo fenomena facebook mobile ini memang lebih banyak terjadi ke perempuan ya. mybe they’re not stupid … they just dont understand what is BB for hehehehe but act like they know.

  6. it’s very funny! ahahah! tapi lebih ‘ngena’ lagi kalo yang BB-ing yang mahasiswa ato anak sekolahan (yang cuma buat ngecek facebooknya doang). this is really cool! LOL ;D

  7. hallo milosundae! senangnya kalo kamu sependapat dengan saya. mahasiswa & anak sekolahan … bener juga ya, soalnya gue melihat fenomena di lingkungan bekerja sehingga hasilnya seperti ini.
    Thanks 4 coming! Oya..I like ur artwork =)

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