help my brother to pick a design for a logo competition

My brother willjoin the logo competition of Earth Observatory of Singapore, he ask me a favour to help him pick one design to sent. So … I ask your favour (too) to pick one design that you love most. Thanks all …

I quoted from his blog

Hmm… which one do u guys like?
ceritanya ini logo buat Pusat Observatorium Singapura.
jadi lembaga itu ditujukan untuk lembaga pusa penelitian dan pengambilan data satelit real time yang ber-basis di Nanyang Technological Univeristy terhadap data2 seperti aktivitas tektonis, vulkanis, dan perubahan iklim. Tujuannya untuk memberikan informasi yang akurat mengenai kemungkinan adanya bencana alam seperti tsunami, gunung meletus, gempa bumi, dan lain lain di kawasan Asia Tenggara.
Research interestnya : Volcanic science, Tectonic Science. and climatic change…

so tell me what u guys think

To see all the designs click here

Thank you so much!


One comment

  1. Pidgin (Pi-jin) isn’t my speciality. Can’t understand a damn thing from this posting…it’s like reading one of my short stories. Never be marketable in my lifetime. Sorry. Too bad. I wasn’t much help, was I?

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