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“Eat baby, like there’s no tomorrow.”


Inspired by Mangkok Ayam Jago t-shirt I’ve recently purchased from here.


the irony of this (artsy) country

I still remember back on mid 2008. When I start drawing religiously (like every single day) without knowing why and what I want to achieve through my drawing. Well, the truth is I still confuse until today. 4 years already passed, slowly but not surely I get to know people from this so called art scene. The big guy also the struggle one. They’re all talented and know exactly what they’re doing, both of them. But I can see the tiredness in their face, just like what I feel. Because we fight alone. We have to find our way alone. We have to work hard on our art alone. We have to motivating ourself alone. We have to keep searching how to get noticed. We have to keep reminding ourself that we’re doing all of this because we believe in ourself, in our work. Some of you will said, it’s only 4 years. But believe me I know many people who work their ass off for more than 10 years (the 10,000 hours rule doesn’t work here), got the talent, got the mind, got the spirit, got the ‘mecun’ thing but nothing happen.

I did a little research about this scene out there, I envy them. They seem like have all kind of help we needed here. The organisation, the people, the website, the community, the how to, the support, the exhibition, the everything. When I visited Yogya for Artjog2012, I can see that they’re luckier than us here in Jakarta. Not much but enough. It’s not easy to live as an fulltime artist here, we have to work our ass to get money, to live, to socialize, to held an exhibition, to make our art. And that’s the evil circle. We’re worn out and feel tired all the time. And we’re still fighting alone. Well maybe not we, it’s more like my current situation. I have 3 notebooks full with sketches (and lost 1 already) and ideas and to do list without any realization, not even close. There’re days when I feel so tired that I’ll hate my own drawing and ideas. Also I hate people who have too much opinion. I become this other “full with hate” person. Hate that.

When I feel so numb, lazy, and negative.

I received this strange email from a girl, Felicia, she said she’s from +62. She asked for a meeting, I said yes because I always open for every possibilities and anything outside my routine. She’s not an Indonesian and neither her partner, Patrick. They’re from Canada and England. They have this mission to spread Indonesian artist to the world scene. They already approach almost every artist in Jakarta and now Bandung and Yogyakarta. The big guy and the struggling one, like myself. I asked them “Why?” and they said “Why not?”. And I can feel their honesty, without any hidden agenda. Which is very rare to found here. According to their opinion, they see too many wasted talents here (in Indonesia) because of the lack of opportunities and information. That exact moment I feel a bit angry with this country or I have to say the government. The carelessness. Why it always have to be someone from the outside? And believe me, these two are working really fast and based on a tight deadline. How not Indonesian is that?

I don’t care how they’ll running this +62. Or is it gonna work or not. But I like the spirit. The nothing to lose spirit. The unstoppable atmosphere.

Left to right: Interview from Andi Rharharha, Ika Vantiani, Emte, me, Wedhar Riyadi, Ella Wijt, Wormo, Popo, Koma, and Ika Putranto and more to come.

One more thing, I might still full with hate here and there. But I’m getting better inside (yeah, yoga’s working) and get back to work.


PS: Don’t worry. This kind of writing won’t make any appearance in the near future.

Jak-art-a, 11 Oct ’12

circus themed compparel specially made for you

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You’re A Part Of Everything

We have this believe that everyone have the same level of importance. Each of us have the same capacity to build the best of ourself and be the happiest person. To love and to be loved. To become one harmony, just like circus.

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a collaboration with Emte for Verre Compparel

the too sweet sneak peek announcement

And here’s our artworks sneak peek :)


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area 8th anniversary | just be yourself no matter how shitty you are

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My artwork specially made for “Celebrating area 8th Anniversary” issue.
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The Dancing Animal hidup kembali!

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Mari bermain kembali di rumah The Dancing Animal yang baru saja selesai dibersihkan dari debu super tebal dan sarang laba-laba di sana sini. Yuk kita bersilahturahmi kembali, sharing kegilaan, obrolan maha tidak penting dan ragam cerita kecil sehari-hari dalam bentuk gambar.