circus themed compparel specially made for you

Here’s the story about this series :)

You’re A Part Of Everything

We have this believe that everyone have the same level of importance. Each of us have the same capacity to build the best of ourself and be the happiest person. To love and to be loved. To become one harmony, just like circus.

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a collaboration with Emte for Verre Compparel

the too sweet sneak peek announcement

And here’s our artworks sneak peek :)



Both of our works will launch within this month before Valentine’s Day so keep yourself posted. For more information visit Verre Compparel official website here and follow their twitter. Please and thank you :)


Kopi Keliling Vol.1 (photos)

Do strike a pose with Rama & Gendis

People with my artwork | Love Artually, 2009

Dearest you,

I have this thing since my 1st fun exhibition on 2009 with The Dancing Animal at Love Artually exhibition, that I love seeing people (the more the merrier) strike a pose with my artwork. Too bad, I forgot to do the exact same thing on my 2ndĀ  exhibition at Space Killer Vol.1 *sad face.

Rama & Gendis was born in this event

Now on my 3rd exhibition at Kopi Keliling I’d love you people to strike a pose with my artwork, and I’ll pick 3 favourite photos and make a faceless head illustration just for you, I hope you don’t mind that I’ll draw just an empty face of yours :D


Kopi Keliling exhibition at Tornado Coffee, Kemang will be held until Saturday, 5 March ’11 and we already prepared a closing party!

You could send your pictures via email to, twitter (@lalabohang), or facebook. You choose!
Have a nice day!