Still on my way to collect them all. I’m literally a mess in my own press documentation, so this page seems like the best solution.

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Provoke Magazine cover ‘Anywhere but Here’, July 2009  (with The Dancing Animal)

Provoke Magazine cover ‘Social Climber’, December 2009

Provoke Magazine cover ‘Hipster’, December 2010 (with an ‘anonymous’ photographer friend)

Sister magazine, January 2011

Cosmogirl magazine, June 2011

Area magazine, October 2011

Juice magazine, December 2011 (with Emte)

Adalah Kita, January 2012 [link] | A very interesting ‘365 people’ project from adalahkita

Jakarta Globe, January 2012 [read the article here]

Amica, March 2012 (with Verre Compparel)

Jakarta Globe, 18 April 2012 [read the article here]

ELLE magazine Anniversary Issue, April 2012