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Profile pict.: Yudha Radithe for
Gendis artworks pict.:
Dito Yuwono



Gendis and her addiction

“Beneran, dikelilingi sepi itu candu! Coba!”
for Gendis exhibition, 2013
Mixed media on paper

At first when I was working on Gendis exhibition back on July – August 2013 this artwork is one of my non-favourite. I didn’t like the vibe but decided to exhibit it anyway (because I like that she’s doing the knitting thing in this drawing, ah, woman).

Yesterday when I go through Gendis exhibition folder for a press request, I suddenly stopped longer on this one and my heart scream “OMG, I love it!” I love it even more than my first favourite from Gendis series.

Life and the constant change. According to the changing love and favourite, I believe something has changed inside me between July 2013 – January 2014. The drawing’s vibe which I used to “not-really-like-it-but-whatever” surprisingly become my favourite. It touches me in a unexplainable way. Maybe, maybe I become the solitude junkie as her (according to the artwork title) or maybe I just admire her comfortable-happy face surrounded only by silence and yarn? I don’t really know.

But as I always said to myself, “never fight the change inside yourself, because it’s always for the better. Embrace it.”

Photo: Dito Yuwono | Who will open his solo show “The Memories of Unidentified Experience” tomorrow 10 Jan 2014 at Kedai Kebun, Yogyakarta. From what I heard it’s gonna be a beautiful show.

Now available my limited artprints on The Bower Birds

You can purchase four artworks below here. They’re some of my personal favourite and now ship worlwide!

Preparing Dinner
Preparing Dinner (Gendis series)
You Drown Me (Gendis Series)
You Drown Me (Gendis Series)
You jump I'm going home
You jump I’m going home

Gendis on Jakarta Globe

Features: Lala Bohang Exhibition Showcases Her Inner Self [ link ]

Thankyou Katrin Figge for the article.


about a girl named Shadow


There’s a little girl named Shadow
She always see but can’t be seen
She hide behind the light and under the sky
She listen to your soft whisper at night
She saw your deepest secret closely
She keep your untold dreams in her arms
But she keep on silent, just standing or sitting in a corner


Mermaid is a dream keeper especially the scary one
Shadow met her once and kiss her forehead without her knowing
Hopefully she will keep all the scary dream forever
Deep … deep under the darkest sea beside a breathing coral
But she knew it’s just a hopeless hope
Shadow, to always see but not to be seen …

HALF ASLEEP series for “Begadang Neng?” at Ruang Rupa

Why stay in the real world while you can floating between the purple cloud and falling stars?

Half Asleep

“HALF ASLEEP, the closest phase to my favourite place on earth called unconsciousness.” Embroidery on fabric, 2013.Half Asleep“HALF ASLEEP, it’s a song by School of Seven Bells. Dare to stay?” Handmade clock with embroidery, 2013.  Half Asleep“HALF ASLEEP, where I totally alone with my happiness and tiredness, and yes, you’re not invited.” Embroidery on pillow, 2013.Half Asleep

Half Asleep

To preview all the festive photos from the opening of “BEGADANG NENG?” exhibition go through here and here. Also there’s a sweet preview from an art curator Jeong-ok Jeon here.