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  • Facebook page: Pardon me. I used to have one, but recently I never try have enough time for this kind of (time consuming) page. And now I have one, still don’t have the time though so pardon for the shameless useless content there. At least I try, just for you xx [Click here]
  • Twitter: @lalabohang | But yeah, of course I have time for tweet especially in the middle of the night or when I get bored at office.
  • Phone number: I’m afraid that you’re a telemarketer.
  • Bloglovin’ : If you really LOVE me [Click Here]
  • RSS Post: I don’t know what this thing is, but everyone has it so heck I made one too [Click Here]
  • R.I.P Multiply: If you want to know the silly naive stupid me thousand years ago simply visit my Multiply page [Click Here]

Oh my, I’m such an internet hooker.