[after 2 months on hold] my July partner in shoes story: @mykindofperson

An illustration I made on 2010

The only thing I can tell you is My Kind of Person is a She. A kind hearted she. I draw this illustration for her blog header on April, 2010. How time flies so fast. Since the beginning she want to be anonymous just like all of shoes stories in her blog.

5 facts about My Kind of Person:

  1. We’re being best friends since 2006. It’s a very long time for a ‘not good in keeping in touch’ person like me.
  2. She’s everyone best friend (like literally everyone), that I really admire. We both are under the same zodiac sign (Pisces) but she’s the friendly extrovert kind and I’m the introvert selfish bitch.
  3. Creative is her middle name. Once we’re working together in the same office and I always amaze by her ideas. I envy her for that.
  4. As we grow up we’re not spending time together very often like we used to. She’s out there, socializing, meeting new people, and make new best friends. While I’m too lazy to going out and become too comfortable with the idea of solitude, and spending time with my self a lot. But deep down I know we’re meant to be friends, no matter how different we are.
  5. She write in this simple, naive, and touching way. Everytime I visit and read stories in her blog, I wish I have her mind a bit. She have this weird and funny point of view of life and others. She have this ability to always look the good side of others, the most non-judgemental person I’ve ever met.

Some stories that I love the most:

“Tapi … kankernya hilang kan?”
“Iyaaa udah mengecil kok …”

Sebagai contoh, sepatu ini milik kakak beradik yang sangat akrab satu sama lain.
Yang seru, mereka main bareng, temen-temennya sama, saling support satu sama lain.

Depression is not a sign of weakness. It is just a sign that you have been strong for too long.

Emang gak selamanya kanan dan kiri itu harus sama. Mungkin ada kalanya kita melakukan suatu hal yang dianggap gak masuk akal oleh orang-orang sekitar. Tapi ya itu tadi, kenapa harus ngikutin apa yang dijalani orang-orang pada umumnya?

So pure.


[after 3 months on hold] my June partner in collage: @vantiani

faceless head series #18: Vantiani

Note: Sorry for the rude #12for2012 delay. 2012 been crazy with unplanned things. Which is great actually, I always love unplanned days and life.

5 facts about Ika Vantiani:

  1. A free spirited, zine maker, crafter, photographer, punk at heart, friendly, and a talented writer. A true renaisssance woman.
  2. She’s one of very few people with the positive personality. I love spending time with her. She never fail to inject this weird (in a good way) positive spark in my mind.
  3. She’s very confident about herself and her works. No matter what people say she just keep doing her own things. Which I really admire.
  4. We share the same love for ayam penyet Bu Kris :)
  5. Her art is not a general art form in Indonesia. She make beautiful collage work that I’d love to collect someday. Cut and glue technique it’s really hard to be done, need a serious amount of patience and sensitivity. Also she have this obsession with vintage stuff and it pretty much affect her works.

Some of Ika Vantiani’s collages that I love the most:

Her latest zine: I wish I am a camera

The truth is we haven’t talk about our collaboration. She’s busy preparing her upcoming exhibition and me busy with bla…bla…bla. But we both willing to make this happen. It always better late than never, right?



my May partner in illustrated motion: @curutsalto

faceless head series #1: Dmaz

5 facts about Dmaz Brodjonegoro:

1. He’s the first person that made me come to the idea of faceless head series from people that I care the most or inspire me. Thankyou!

2. He’s THE multitalented person,  illustration and video direction all at once. The real multitalented, not the fake one who just pretend and showing off that they can do it all. You know the difference right?

3. He’s having this weird phobia … while I love polkadots very much, he hated it, like really hate it. It’s his lost because he will never understand about Yayoi Kusama’s beauty (cough).

4. He’s one of those few people who start their career not as an assistant to anyone, which is amazing. I know he will make it happen.

5. He’s always out there, making new friends, talking to new people, and get amazing opportunities. I should learn from him to get my self out there more often, and it’s hard because I’m so in love for being alone making stuff in my room, it’s my lazy ass not me.

Some of Dmaz’s illustrations that I love the most:

Kenzo for Elle Indonesia
Our amazing friend: @Clanirella
Love her too

Last year we’re working on “White Lilies” Imela Kei feat. The Trees and The Wild video clip. It was my first time working on a motion project as an Art Director, scared at first and super excited through the process. I love Ten2Five since I was in my college years and who doesn’t love the whimsical sounds from The Trees and The Wild? So yeah it’s like a dream project. I’m pretty pleased with the end result, sometimes I’m too easy to please.

And finally after almost a year, the video launched together with Dmaz’s birthday back on 22 May. Happy birthday again Dmaz! Please enjoy the video :)

Lala Bohang@lalabohang

Dear @curutsalto good morning and happy birthday. I always wish you the best and all your great dreams will soon come to your plate. Soon ♥

Behind the scene photos grabbed from the stylishly talented Ario Achda:

Do you like it? Feel free to give me your thoughts xx

my May partner in illustrated motion: @curutsalto

my March partner in craftivisim: @vitarlenology

faceless head series #17: Tarlen

Craftivism in everyday life. ~Vitarlenology

Tarlen Handayani is the founder of Tobucil (if you’re a bookworm of course you’ll love or already know about this place) that makes me one of her biggest fan along time ago when I was still living in Bandung.

She is a very crafty person with 10 magic fingers that never fail to create handmade notebook that always be the joy for my eyes. For March she already have this personal project called “March Project”. Where she create handmade notebook from stuff around her like shopping bag, photo frame, vintage book, etc. This project show that sensitivity and creativity from our mind are the ultimate source to create something. Everything around us are amazing already, it’s our job to make them become more valuable than before.

So, these are my favourite notebooks from her:

Last year she invite me to collaborate with her and of course I said yes! The collaboration accidentaly become my March 12for2012 project. I’m very sorry for this rude lateness but better late than never right? We will collaborate on a notebook project (of course) which is really need Tarlen’s latest weapon named Franco (yes, James Franco). Hopefully we can publish the end result on April. Be nice Franco :)

Thank you and have a nice last day of March people!

my March partner in craftivisim: @vitarlenology

Iris e-book & mixtape | our Valentine present for you #12for2012

Akhirnya e-book Iris kolaborasi dengan Sundea selesai juga :)

Nikmati ceritanya sambil mendengarkan mixtape ramuan Sundea:
Opposite of Hallelujah – Jens Lekman
Rainbow – Lee Ritenour
Rainbow Connection – Kermit the Frog
Pelangiku – Sherina
Waiting in Vain – Ituana
Sleeps with Butterflies – Tori Amos
Gone Too Soon – Michael Jackson
Rintangan – Karimata, Lydia Nursaid, Dian Pramana Poetra
The Lady Wants to Know – Michael Franks

Cover ini pun dibuat sambil mendengarkan mixtape Iris, menyenangkan sekali.

Teman-teman silahkan unduh e-book dan mixtapenya di sini. Dan akhir kata, selamat hari kasih sayang, mari menyayangi untuk disayangi!


Iris e-book & mixtape | our Valentine present for you #12for2012

my February partner in illuspainting: @Toolkit04

faceless head series #16: Dika Toolkit

Dika Toolkit is one of the most talented friend that I’ve known for a very long time, and … still talented. The first time I spotted his mad talent was on 2006 while we’re working in the same office building in Asia Afrika, Bandung. That time I was “a drawingless not to mention heartless and dreamless” human creature who complain a lot who admire all of his detail freak artworks .

He’s truly my consistency guru. His non stop – unpretentious love for drawing and Linkin Park brought him to the moment of truth, where every designer-who-in-love-with-Shinoda would kill to be in his shoes. Mike Shinoda himself admire his tribute artwork for Linkin Park and personally requested his portfolio and email. I can’t wait when time do his mighty power and spread Dika Toolkit x Linkin Park to the whole world.

And these are my favourite works from him:

Along February we will working on one big illuspainting – a combination between illustration and painting (of course) – with two different approach from us. I’ll update our working progress here, and hope you’ll enjoy the journey as we do.


my February partner in illuspainting: @Toolkit04

12 for 2012 with Sundea: Iris* the final chapter

Sebelum baca cerita akhir dari Iris (yang sebelumnya berjudul […..]) intip dulu chapter 1, 2, dan 3 ya.


Manik yang sedang asyik menggambar pura-pura tidak mendengar.


Dan bel berbunyi sekali lagi.

“Maniiiik … tolong dong, Dear … Bibi lagi ke warung!” seru Intan lagi.

Manik meletakkan pinsil warnanya sambil cemberut. Kenapa nggak Kak Intan saja, sih? Jelas-jelas dia yang ada di luar kamar.


Ketika Manik membukakan pintu, telah menanti Oka, tetangga mereka. Oka sebaya dengan Intan. Meski lahir dan besar di Jakarta, Oka keturunan Bali asli. Nama lengkapnya Ida Bagus Oka.

“Kak Intan ada, Nik?” tanya Oka dengan suaranya yang dalam dan simpatik.

“Ada. KAK INTAAAAN … !!!!” teriak Manik.

Tidak ada sahutan.

“Kakak lagi pingsan, kali. Aku lihat dulu, ya,” sahut Manik sekenanya.

Oka tertawa. Tawanya renyah, manis, dan hangat seperti roti bakar. Lesung di pipi kirinya jadi semakin jelas. Manik tersenyum. Melihat Oka tertawa selalu membuat siapapun menjadi senang.


“Siapa, Dik? Oka?” tanya Intan yang baru selesai shalat.

“Iya,” sahut Manik.

“Sudah kamu suruh masuk?”

“Belum, masih berdiri di pintu.”

“Heeeeh … gimana, sih, kamu?” cepat-cepat Intan melepas mukenanya dan pergi menemui Oka. Ketika Manik akan mengekor, Intan menahannya. “Jangan ikut-ikutan, Dik, kamu suka nggak manner.”

Manik memanyunkan bibirnya.


Karena dilarang mengikuti, Manik mengintip Intan dan Oka dari jendela kecil yang memisahkan sekaligus menghubungkan ruang tamu dengan dapur. Intan dan Oka duduk di sofa yang sama tapi tidak terlalu berdekatan. Mereka tidak saling bersentuhan. Sempat tak sengaja saling bertatapan, namun menjadi sama-sama merona pada detik berikutnya.

Manik tidak memahami puisi-puisi cinta Intan. Tapi karena Intan adalah kakaknya, bagian-bagian terbaik yang ia pahami dari Intan justru yang tak dikatakannya. Ketika Intan masuk ke dapur untuk membuat minuman, Manik mulai mengganggunya.

“Cieee … cieeee … Kak Intan pacaran, ya, sama Kak Oka? Pacaran, ya? Pacaran, ya? Pacaran, ya?”

“Apa, sih, Dik?” tepis Intan sambil membuka pintu kulkas, mengambil botol sirup.

“Iya, kayaknya Kak Oka suka sama Kak Intan. Kak Intan juga pasti suka sama Kak Oka.”

“Susah, Dik. Nggak pernah disampaikan juga. Aku tahu aku siapa, dia tahu dia siapa,” ungkap Intan sambil menuang sirup ke dalam gelas.

Manik teringat pada denting yang didengarnya hari itu. Jadi ia meneruskannya pada Intan. “Bergantung apa yang Kakak maksud dengan ‘siapa’.”

Intan terkesiap. Ia menatap adiknya dengan takjub. “Dapat kata-kata dari mana kamu?”

“Memangnya Kak Oka siapa?” Manik malah balik bertanya.

“Oka itu ….,” Intan tidak melanjutkan kalimatnya. Ia sibuk mengaduk sirup sambil masih tampak berpikir. Ketika akan kembali ke ruang tamu, barulah ia menuntaskan kalimatnya. “Oka itu laki-laki paling baik, pintar, dan sopan yang pernah aku kenal. Seharusnya itulah yang menjelaskan siapa dia dalam persepsi pribadiku.”

“Apa itu persepsi?” tanya Manik.

Intan tidak menjawab. Tapi Manik pun tak sungguh-sungguh ingin tahu.


Malam itu hujan turun lagi. Intan kembali duduk di dekat jendela, mendengarkan lagu-lagu romantis sambil mengamati hujan yang sebetulnya tak terlalu terlihat juga karena langit sudah gelap.

Manik duduk di sebelahnya. Menatap hujan juga dengan pikiran yang lain: Kenapa pelangi harus dikeramas sampai dua kali dalam sehari?

“Dik, kadang ada hal yang tak dapat diingkari mengenai ‘siapa’ meskipun kita ingin mengabaikannya. Oka dan aku mencapai Tuhan dengan cara yang berbeda. Itu jadi menentukan siapa kami.”

Yah, Si Kakak mulai menye-menye lagi, deh. Batin Manik.

“Tapi hujan turun meluruhkan semuanya. Ia membersihkan dan menyejukkan tanpa memilih ‘siapa’. Hujan membuat aku percaya, sesungguhnya Tuhan satu. Ia selalu berbicara dengan bahasa yang universal.”

“Apa itu universal?” tanya Manik.

Intan tidak menjawab. Ia yakin adiknya tidak sungguh-sungguh ingin tahu. Dan memang. Manik lebih ingin tahu kenapa pelangi harus keramas lagi.

Intan dan Manik duduk menghadap jendela dengan pikirannya sendiri-sendiri. Intan menulis puisi dan Manik menggambar.

Hujan yang turun malam itu tidak menguraikan tak pula menyimpulkan.

Sesungguhnya ia berderai tanpa tendensi apa-apa …



Cerita: Sundea
Ilustrasi: Lala Bohang


*) Akhirnya penulis ceritanya memutuskan judul cerita pendek yang bersambung ini adalah Iris.

Kenapa Iris?

Iris itu penghubung Tuhan dan dunia manusia. Wujudnya pelangi. Dia sering juga disebut “Messenger of God“. Si Iris ini pengembaraannya luas banget. Dia jalan-jalan naik angin dan bisa nyelem sampe ke laut yang paling dalem. Pengembaraan ini berkaitan sama tafsir yang nggak harus tersimpul dan nggak harus terurai itu.

Yang ngobrol sama Manik mungkin aja Iris. Ato mungkin Tuhan sendiri dan Iris cuma semacem “kabel telpon”. Setiap orang boleh punya persepsi apapun tentang ini.

Iris juga jelas berkaitan sama Intan yang love story-nya kesandung beda agama. Tapi agama nggak selalu Tuhan itu sendiri. Tuhan kadang nitip pesen lewat hal-hal yang lebih universal sifatnya. Pada dasarnya Dia dimiliki semua orang, with or without religion.

Iris itu nama lain selaput pelangi di mata. Selaput pelangi ini teksturnya kompleks dan personal kayak sidik jari. Dia juga nggak gampang dirusak, bahkan sama pembedahan. Kalo kata Wikipedia : Kecepatan dan ketelitian dari sistem pengenalan berbasis Iris sangat menjanjikan dan sangat memungkinkan untuk digunakan pada sistem identifikasi berskala besar.

Gambar dan cerita ini bisa dilihat sampai lapis ke berapapun. Mau dibawa ringan, nggak usah dipikir serius-serius amat, bisa. Tapi kalo mau dipikirin lebih jauh bisa juga. Sampe sejauh mana juga terserah pemirsa … hehehe … sama seperti apapun yang ditangkep sama mata kita. Boleh dilihat doang, boleh dipikirin lebih lanjut.

And now you will love Sundea and her loveable mind like I do.
Thank you for January, Dea

12 for 2012 with Sundea: Iris* the final chapter